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Мастерская гондол Сан-Тровазо

Опубликовано Суббота, 22 июня 2019 г.

Style of my movements in the art closest to the Russian Impressionism, among which are the closest to me Levitan, Zhukovsky, Grabar. In general, like all that feeling, subtly and impasto. In his works he wants to translate "unique existence" - in the depiction of various states of nature, time of day, solar effects of change from one season to another. I relate to painting not as a science, where discoveries can not be repeated twice, the new images and motifs gives me a permanent job in the open air.

Of course, for a hundred years after his supposed death realism has other, more diverse. At the beginning of the XXI century, among the many traditionalist direction, claiming his legacy, I am the closest Russian landscape school, which not only continues to exist, but retains the ability to self-development.


The painting is a moment of materialized movements of the soul, implemented in conjunction of stresses of mind, emancipation of fantasy and free implementation of vital energy.

I - thorough realist, my vision is endowed with a different kind of quality, because it follows the direct instructions of the soul, which is simultaneously older than the body and younger than the mind. One of the favorite genres - portrait. It does not matter if I paint "portrait to order" or "for oneself" –my attitude is always creative. The traditional system of painting, allusions to the classic technique, a series of echoes of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages art, the Barbizon and Impressionism don`t exclude the experimentation with materials and form.

My style may be regarded as a kind of "neo-mannerism," if by "Renaissance" to understand the entire previous history of painting.

I think today has become abundantly clear is extremely demanding challenge for the visual arts - a forming of the holistic art world, in which there will be no place eventuality and a feverish search for more and more new methods and means of expressing yourself; in this world will be established organic patterns and the emergence of a better examples of art preservation of the traditional school and progress achieved...

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